About Us

Purklenz is a Canadian company that was started over a decade ago thanks to the generous contributions of our friends in the Tattoo and Piercing industries. Artists were telling us that their clients were getting reactions from the off label floor cleaner soaps being used during the tattoo procedure. The reddening, poor healing, infections etc. were making their jobs harder. There had to be a more effective way to prevent germs such as MRSA and other dangerous pathogens from harming clients while also being gentle on the skin to produce healthy looking tattoos. We stepped in with their help to create an DIN/OTC Antiseptic soap that meets these needs; it's gentle yet effective, has no harsh chemicals for sensitive skin but still disinfects. 

A decade later and we have refined our own full line of products with Canada’s favourite Purklenz, Purtect, Pursan and Purtat. While our brand has grown in popularity, we maintain our same love for the industry and our artists who helped get us here. We would have been nowhere without our Artists who not only helped promote us in the industry but also helped developed every single product.

We started out as a team of Mark, Howard and Shirley and we lost our beloved Shirley a number of years ago to Pancreatic Cancer but the rest of us continue to run this company with the same vision of care and honesty that she championed. 

That’s why many of you know us, have met us at Tattoo and Piercing Conventions, and have shared our journey with us. The industry is like our family and we are grateful. We are a local family run Canadian company and we love to hear from our customers. If you ever feel the need to speak with us for anything, we are here. Just message us and we can call you back whenever you like.